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We offer hassle free solutions to your electrical needs

From design to installation , we can help you choose the right lighting for your home.

We will solve your electrical problems efficiently and will gladly offer electrical advice.

Our experienced staff ensures you have access to energy efficient solutions.

At Armour Electric, we offer all the cooling system services you need.

We provide solar installations for both residential purposes and for industrial purposes.

Who Are We?

Armour Electrical Engineering and Contracting is family owned Western Australian business focused on, Industrial, Commercial and Residential electrical installations, Maintenance and repairs for clients in and around Perth

Armour Electrical Engineering and Contracting is a Company that offers hassle free solutions to your electrical needs.

Why choose us?

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency means cost savings. We specialize in new technologies such as energy efficient LED lighting installations and making energy safe, reliable efficient and green.

Innovative Design

Innovative design solutions for any project. When you work with Armour Corporation, you’ll also benefit from the expertise, technology and products provided by our industry-leading partners.